Innamorata eyes are handmade by me, Kiyakotari (Lauren King). I have been a member of the Asian Ball Jointed Doll collecting community since 2003. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Western Washington University, and in 2013 will be starting work on my Master's degree at the University of Washington. My doll collection spans a wide range of companies, including Dollshe, Soom, Volks, Dollzone, Notdoll, Nobility Doll, Doll in Mind, Atelier Oceanmoon, Iplehouse, GRANADO, Dive, SWITCH/So Nyeon Gi, Luts, Elfdoll, Migidoll, Infiniti Doll, Dollti, and Fairyland, among others. Like many ABJD collectors, I fancy myself a writer, and enjoy spending my free time working on a few novellas that I have been worrying away at for years. In the more mundane world, I am a Security Officer in the private sector. I live with one gregarious cat and one antisocial cat, a couple of anole lizards, and my wonderful partner. None of the animals spend any time near my dolls or near the eyes, especially during the production process. I can't promise the same of my partner, but I can guarantee that he doesn't mess with the eyes, even if he is sometimes curious about the creation of them.

All Innamorata urethane eyes are handmade using premium quality resin, artist paints and pigments, pearl and metallic powders, and natural gemstones. Because of the nature of the creation process, all Innamorata eyes are one-of-a-kind productions, and cannot be exactly duplicated in the future. I do not accept custom eye orders or commissions. However, if you are looking for eyes in a certain color or size, feel free to contact me and request that I make some in my next batch. I will attempt to accommodate these requests when possible.

Innamorata eyes can currently be produced in 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, and 18mm sizes. Individual batches may not include all of the sizes offered.

All Innamorata eyes are shipped in specially made and padded, double-walled plastic jars to ensure safe transport. These jars also protect them from light when they are in storage.

Innamorata eyes are sent by USPS Priority Mail. This costs $6 USD within the United States of America, and $14 USD for international shipments. The price of shipment is the same for up to ten pairs of eyes. Generally, eyes are shipped within three business days of when an order is received and paid for, but as this is a one-woman operation, some delays can occur. If your eye order is delayed, you will be notified immediately.

Insurance is optional, but if the buyer chooses not to purchase insurance, I cannot be financially liable for loss of the eyes during shipping (if uninsured eyes arrive, but are damaged in transit, I will still replace them per the usual exchange terms). Insurance within the United States of America costs an additional $1.80 USD for one pair of eyes, $2.30 USD for two pairs of eyes, $2.85 USD for three to four pairs of eyes, $4.75 USD for five to six pairs of eyes, and $6 USD for more than six pairs of eyes. Insurance for International purchases of eyes costs an additional $2.30 USD for one pair of eyes, $3.40 USD for two pairs of eyes, $4.50 USD for three to four pairs of eyes, $5.60 USD for five to six pairs of eyes, and $7 USD for more than six pairs of eyes.

All sales of Innamorata resin eyes are final, and returns are not accepted except in cases where the eyes received are not the eyes purchased, in which case a refund or replacement (depending upon the preference of the buyer) will be issued once the eyes have been returned. If eyes are found to be damaged upon arrival, please immediately contact me to arrange replacement of the eyes.

Like all resin eyes, Innamorata eyes are less prone to breakage than glass eyes, but are more easily scratched, so please handle them carefully. Do not ever press on the front of the eye with your fingernail or any other hard or sharp item. Also please remember that resin can discolor if exposed to intense light for prolonged periods, so just like your dolls, Innamorata eyes should not be left in direct sunlight or near strong sources of heat or other forms of radiation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to connect with me via the contact form here on the site, via eMail (, or via private message (Kiyakotari) on Den of Angels or Zone of Zen!